Showcase Kitchen - Our Latest Project

We started with a dream.

Last fall we first met with this family in Steinbach, Manitoba who had a dream for a complete change to their dated kitchen.  With an active, growing family that has busy with community and church work, we wanted to create something together with them that reflected their lifestyle, their needs now and in the future and create an oasis for family and friends.

We had excellent partners.

We chose the latest smart appliance technology such as the Advantium 30 in. Electric Wall Oven by GE with SpeedCook and Convection with over 175 pre-programmed menu selections.  For example, it has the ability to fully cook a frozen chicken to perfection in less than half an hour.  There is nothing that this combo cannot do to get meals on the table quickly and with minimal effort.

We talked with Wien’s Furniture in Niverville, Manitoba and they lent their expertise to source the best appliances for exactly what we were looking for. We sourced the Advantium, cooler drawers, smart fridge, freezer and stove top with Wiens.  The lighting was from Robinson’s Lighting & Bath Centre.

Thanks to Wiens in Niverville, Manitoba, we sourced the perfect appliances.

A scrap of paper started it all.

A scrap of paper and a picture from an online site started the process.  We asked alot of questions about their needs and preferences.  As the planning progressed, everyone become more and more involved in the project.  This was a project we were thoroughly immersed in and worked with the family to choose custom appliances that can be built in and convenient.  This included features such as temperature-controlled Cooler Drawers for produce and for canned drinks. A built-in access drawer for waste and recycling disposal, custom countertops and a built-in fridge and freezer added to the functionality and beauty of the space.

The entire look called for a harmonious and calming effect with white and gray accents that were easy to maintain and had an elegant look and feel.  The look has elegance but is also warm and welcoming and ready for family meals, friendly coffee times and long visits.

The vision created a set of plans, a project plan and then the fun started.

The seating area is comfortable and functional as well.  The hardwood custom-crafted table features hand-carved pedestal that allows for extra legroom when you are seated.  Every detail has been carefully thought-through with the family in mind.

The Advantium Speedcook features over 175 preprogrammed menu selections.
Exact temperature storage drawer for cold drinks makes it easy to access. This is exactly at 34 degrees.

Ultra Modern Kitchen

The kitchen has ultra modern touches with high functionality that goes beyond its good looks.

The utensil drawers are no longer a ‘junk drawer’.  The cutlery drawer has sections that are easy to clean and easy to use when you need to grab a spoon.

The cooking utensil drawer which is often a jumble of stuff and the one tool you need is somewhere in the back. This custom drawer with built-in sections has eliminated that.  The angled sections make it easy for those hard-to-fit and hard-to-find items.  The extra depth and length of the drawers are at least 50% larger than normal drawers and allow for easy storage and access for all of the tools.

Customized storage is a key feature of this kitchen. This drawer under the oven is deep and wide and eliminates the usual clutter of most pan drawers.

Custom Kitchen for daily living.

One of the goals was to create a seamless and harmonious look and feel of the entire space.

All appliances including a two-tier dishwasher system, two-tier cooler drawers, built in fridge and freezer and a breakfast station complete the picture.

The Prairie Kitchen team sourced the best drawer handles and pulls that were sturdy, beautiful and easy to maintain.

The paint finishes were also carefully chosen to be reflective of kitchen trends as well as the tastes of the homeowners.

Stay tuned for more updates on this project and others that we are working on.   If you are interested in hearing more about this project please contact Herm Martens who can arrange a tour.

Call the main office:  204-326-3856


The breakfast station is wide open when it is needed and hidden when not in use by a rolling door. Coffee maker, toaster, mugs are neatly tucked away and ready for the mornng.

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Why Choose Us?

Designing a new kitchen involves more than selecting the cabinets and countertops.  It is a highly interactive and intimate process since this is where you will live, eat and spend the majority of your time.

How the cabinets fit and function with the entire home is as integral to a successful design as selecting the perfect color palette.

Homeowners want materials and elements that are classic, durable and highly functional, which also means that there are many new features that streamline your life and increase the value of your investment.  We stay on top of the trends – we listen to what our clients want and pass on this knowledge to you as you plan your living project.

There are a few more finishing touches to this project such as the backsplash above the sink and it is now time to move into the new space and start to live in it.

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